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Hosting city for the Anniversary Party

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Please hold your comment Abeg, between you, Sifu, Sammy, and TM, I will not let you people corrupt me. I rebuke all of una!

makes a mental note to make sure I have plenty of change....
:roll that highlighted name will put all of us into trouble! :laugh:

Please o, i am very innocent and i am leaving it just right there!!

yay vegas here we comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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rotflmao. What the hell? Why have I been given the title of resident spoiler. I am the original virgin hia. See trouble o.


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Hmmmmm....[don't we wish] my former double and secret IDs were still active?

DS darling, please come and borrow them the other parts of the 'shim' to make sure the votes stay in Vegas sweat:

Look you, remove yourself from this thread with immediate effect!! Yeye gehl. We will see you in Vegas, put in your vote, we will welcome you and all your aliases.


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Tolulope you're a traitor!
What did we discuss and how come your hands ended up clicking on DC/Maryland? hissss
You sef you no sabi better thing!
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