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Neighbors Baffled That California Woman Missing For Decade Was Kidnapped

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After an August 2004 domestic dispute, police say, a 15-year-old girl left her Santa Ana, California, home, seeking refuge in a nearby park adjacent to an elementary school.

Her mother's boyfriend, who police say had just attacked the mother, followed the girl.


No clue what to make of this story. Must have been serious brainwashing...


15 is a vulnerable age.
the report is right, there is more than one way to hold someone down, it doesn't have to be physical.

"if you leave me and go back to your family I will find them and kill them"
"if you tell anybody what I did to you I will kill your mother"
"nobody cares about you, they're not even looking for you"
"if you go back to your mother, she will have you deported"
Not open for further replies.