Nigerian & African Movie Stars Websites

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mehn her resume oo...its a good template for your jobs as it includes


2006 Sports Mazda 5, Silver Color Business Attire, Evening Gown, Mobile DVD, Desktop Computer (Pentium 4), Printers & Scanners.

Nne, na so we see least shes better than some artists wey no even get site.. oya make una make fanclub for this woman after all she don try a whole $9.99 a year for registration of website....e no easy! sweat:


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Pecs, why are u being diplomatic? U be ambassador?

Abeg, anyone who knows Uche should tell her to go get her money back. That site, its unprofessional, untidy and unattractive. Worraheck!!:comp26:
:eek:Ambassador? :roll...I haven't even had a chance to see past the homepage, then briefly, her biography...not entered the site per se to see what else is there! sweat:


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Are we sure she's the one that built it OR she even knows it exists?

Often times fans will build sites for actors without their consent...


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Thanks Uncle....

On a funny note I was looking for the page where they put 'currently banned stars' :fing33:
I think that will come up as soon as the page for working actors is ready.

And on the soon to be banned list:
Emeka Ike
Ini Edo
And many more who dare to throw tantrums or wear skimpy clothes a.k.a the opinionated and prissy dressers.


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Na wa o! Some of these Actors website still dey "under construction" four years on. E be like say they don forget about them jare. I beg, make I go drink garri mads:
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