Nigerian Movie Stars Open Another 'Hollywood' in Freetown

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Nigerian Movie Stars Open Another 'Hollywood' in Freetown

Concord Times (Freetown)
December 8, 2003
Posted to the web December 8, 2003

By Ephraim Akhere and Jemilatu Nababa

The Nigerian movie industry has infected Freetown these days with fever, but this is not one that could dwarf you six feet below.

They say there are two groups in town and the captains of the two teams are veteran soldier and Mount Everest boss, Rtd. Maj. Abu Noah and a legal luminary, Sam Kargbo Almost all the big stars are in town and more are expected to be making Freetown their backyards.

These stars have not only been mobbed whenever they pass through our streets but the media here are not left behind in the hype.

While the Omotola and Genevieve group was busy playing "Bai Bureh goes to war" last Wednesday, Shan George, Teco Benson and our own Tejan Cole took center stage to ply their merchandise.

And this all happened at a Press Conference that was organized by Celtel at Santano House, Howe street.

SL McCann's Executive director, Adeyemi Rodney Sandy chaired the occasion and these stars were there dazzling, sparkling and resplendent in their Designer's attire.

The Marketing Manager of CELTEL Bernard Sisay in his opening remarks said CELTEL has taken a key step towards building and sustaining the relationship between the Nigerian film industry and that of Sierra Leone.

They have joined the fray in putting their monies to sponsor Kargbo's group. The Marketing Manager says Celtel is committed to pan Africanism.

Sam Kargbo, the producer of this particular group said, they were capable of infusing values and since Sierra Leone is coming from war, the past should be laid to rest.

He says they are not fighting with anybody and there was a cordial relationship between the two camps.

Teco Benso, the director said they were grateful to CELTEL, as they are the second company that has assisted them during their stay in Sierra Leone.

Dr Julius Spensers' Premier Media was the first.

Benson said, Freetown is very conducive for shooting films when compared to Nigeria.

He lauded the Sierra Leonean actors and actresses as being marvelous.

Shan George used the occasion to throw vitriolic attack on the producer of the other group. She said she was disappointed and appealed that patriotism rather than pettiness should come to play All the movie stars are using Celtel numbers and airtime.
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