Nigeria's Greatest Problem


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Nigeria greatest problem is not the CORRUPTION or the INSECURITY we Nigerians talk about every time .Nigeria greatest problem is the American style PRESIDENTIAL system Barbangida for his ego imposed on us. Before him we had the Parliamentary system and A Prime Minister or The Head of state( Military).As you know the Prime Minister is just a member of Parliament like the rest of them He just happens to be the LEADER of the Party that Won.The commisioners are picked from the members.NO SENATORS .The upper Chambers are picked from the chiefs etc. Do most people know that there was no Senate for the first 100 years of America government? ( but leave it to Nigeria they have to out do America) we even created the office of the FIRST LADY.( Does any one know who is the First Lady of Japan? Canada? Britain? What about Isreal?----Thats right ---None ) Do you know that nigeria spend 72% of Its budget just to pay salary? About Corruption By Nature most NIGERIANS will be willing to take bribe or give bribe to get what they want.We see the MASSIVE LOOTING by the officials only. to be continued. --------Lets hear what you too have to say.
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I think Nigeria's greatest problem is Nigerians. Once we can get over ourselves and get out of our own way, we should be fine.


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Presidential system is Money-driven only those who can pay has any chance. Buhari and co should find a way to let Nigerians debate what type of system to replace the current very costly one. ----to be continued.