Nollywood movies are better today than they've ever been

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this thread right here....this right here (apart from the few diversions) is why i continue to be a member of this site.

so, reviving this discussion, which i absolutely positvely loved.
has anything changed?
are today's movies better than the movies of 2008/9?
did the stories get better? or more of the same?
what makes the movie: presentation/prodction or content/story?
are the actors/actresses of today better than the actors/actresses of the "past?"
are the stories being told now relevant to our time e.g. black berry babes as opposed to rich boy meets poor girl and can't marry because daddy says no.

these are some of the questions i picked up on while reading the entire thread again.

could we continue in the mode of civil discussion on this thread?
looking forward to a gread discussion.


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It was a great discussion. I still think early movies are better. I know recently movies like Figurine, Distance Between etc can do a lot of good for the new generation's part of the arguement, but overall, it must be said, new generation movies are trash. I still watch them though, but not with regularity.
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