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A barber was cutting a customer's hair in his shop when a little boy was walking along the street. The barber starts to explain to the customer; "this little boy is the most stupid boy I have ever seen in my whole life, he just can't tell what's good and what's not. just watch what I am going to do now.' He calls the little boy walking along the street. the little enters.Then he brought out from his pocket an old cowrie seed and then a N1 coin as well and ask the boy to choose of which any he feels nigeria use as currency. the boy smartly picks up the cowrie and walks away. The Customer bacomes very suprise at this. Outside the shop the customer saw the boy and asked him why he picked up the cowrie instead of the N1 coin. the boy smartly replies the customer; "if I pick the N1 coin I won't look stupid!'


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what about this ----A boy in this village said to his father ...Father I have found a girl I will like to marry. the father said whats her name and who is her mother? the boy told him the girls name and her moms name . the father said son don't marry her she may be your sister you know when Iwas young I had an affairs with her mother.the boy said ok and introduce another girl father said the same thing . the boy got frustrated and went to his mother and said mother how come every girl I want to marry in this village dad said I can't because they could be my sisters because he had affairs with their mothers.HIS mother said ' SON GO ON AND MARRY WHO YOU WANT ---YOU SEE THAT MAN knows nothing about your father.---------------heeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeee.
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