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By Jossy Idam (
Sunday, July 12, 2009

Money, lust and sex lubricate the club. The girls - "the go-go dancers" - are young, pretty and sizzling hot. Its patrons are mainly middle-aged company executives who love to ‘catch fun.’ And to luxuriate in the juicy, wet facilities of the club called Wall Street Pub, the men gather there with fat wallets.

Located unobtrusively off Allen Avenue by First Bank bus stop, Ikeja, Lagos, the club begins business from 7pm daily. On its handbill, the place is famed as "…The perfect gentleman’s club." And it invitingly says: "Relax ‘n’ unwind with some of the sexiest go-go dancers in town under guaranteed security."

Concealed identity
Without heavy decor, day-glow and neon lights as found at the entrance of most clubs, this hangout has only a small sticker on its sliding glass door. The entrance of the white storey building can easily be mistaken for an office or home.

To go past two beefy, barrel-chested bouncers, all a patron or first timer need do is to smile nicely and say "How now." That’s the password. The open sesame is the cash.
Like the notorious bandit, Ali Baba, in the tale Arabian Nights, the ruffle of naira notes is the magic word there. On weekend, beginning Friday night, the gate fee is N2000. On special days like Valentine, the fee is raised a notch higher. It shoots up to N5000. There is no waiver for females as many clubs do.
As contained in the pub’s handbill, money indeed talks there. Once you pay, the door slides open. The bouncers in red T-Shirt with a white lettering "security" on their back will frisk you and look at you "to be sure you are not under-aged or portend danger" for the club’s esteemed customers. It takes minutes to be "cleared." When this is done, you are ushered in by a staff in red T-Shirt and jeans trousers to the cosy ambiance of the club.

Mood swing
Depending on when you arrive, if you are early, you will sit for a while, drink, smoke, gist and watch a variety of blue films depicting a wide, wild combination of sexual proclivity.
There is no dull moment there. While you tarry for the main course, you could whet your appetite with the glimpse of girls in bra, bikini and high-heeled shoes. Some wear micro mini skirts – too micro to serve any functional purpose.
As the night wears on and as though on cue, the blue film and TV goes off. High voltage, raunchy music begins to cascade from the speakers of the L-shaped pub. Its glass-paneled walls and three white air conditioners begin to tremble with the reverberation of the music.

Wacky nights
And just then, one of the girls would mount a platform with a silvery pale in its middle. Making sexy gestures and gliding up and down the pole like a gymnast, the girl would "perform" in tandem with the tempo of the music.

‘Money talks’
No drink here comes cheap. The pub’s bar sells a variety of drinks and cigarettes, Havana cigars inclusive. A bottle of Hennessy V.S.O.P goes for N15,000. Star lager beer and small stout sell for N500 a glass.
As the pub proudly declared in its handbill, " Money Talks." The men who gather here every evening are no misers. Several litres of spirits, beer and energy drinks are consumed always.
The drinks, perhaps, dictate the tempo. When it begins to kick in, the music gets hotter and the girls act wilder. From erotic dance routine, they begin to get close and personal. As though dancing for you alone, a girl on the platform sorts out a willing partner with her eyes and flirts with him. Slowly, languidly the go-go dancer sheds off the remains of her clothes. Usually the bra goes before the thin, gauzy G- string. After this, the only semblance of clothing is a string of beads and shoes.

Two disc jockeys (names withheld) keep the joint pulsating. The naked dancers get instant reward when they spread their legs open like the page of a book. The men, who all these while have been ogling the girls, go up close to the stage and the squirming, wriggling body on the floor and drop a wad of naira notes.
The money, Sunday Sun learnt, is a salute to the dancers’ courage and cheeky brazen boldness.

Lap dance
The girls who go by simple names, which could be alias and sobriquet, make more money by giving a willing male a "lap dance." While sitting in a dimly-lit corner of the club, a naked girl would sit astride a man who is tremulous, turgid and tumid with lust and desire. The prize for that brazen performance goes from N2000.
Those who don’t want to go for the ‘real thing,’ get their kicks from lap dance and the sight and lavender smell of the bevy of nude girls who claim to be "students." Dark, slim, oval-faced Sandra simply told Sunday Sun she is an "undergraduate" but refused to name the institution. Slippery and suave like an eel, tall, leggy Linda eased off to the ladys’ and kept a shy distance from our preying reporter.

Sex upstairs
A staircase leads a man desirous of having the real thing with any girl who catches and tickles his fancy. A cozy room - a large bed, TV, settee, rug and, of course, tissue paper and condoms are all his. For a "short time," which is a maximum of an hour, he has to pay N5000. The girls demand up to N25000. The prize can be haggled down to N20000.

Flogging the law
The club is operated by a man simply called Richard and described as "a seasoned musician." But because of Lagos State government’s tough stand on clubs of this sort, Wall Street Pub operates underground.
Early in the year, Sunday Sun’s expose on Ocean Blue, a nude club located on Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos, which begins to operate from midday, forced the state authorities to close it down.
A patron of the pub who craved anonymity said: "My wife must not catch me here, but this place is temptation on tapering thighs and slim legs."

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