People now leave bank jobs for movie industry!

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People now leave bank jobs for movie industry!
People now leave bank jobs for movie industry-Fidelis Duker (President of Directors’ Guild of Nigeria )

On the home video industry

It has done very well. We need not be comparing it with Hollywood or other places because its only 10 years. Its still very young. Video came up at the time the celluloid was no longer at the reach of artistes.

For the past 10 years the movie industry has provided livelihood for people. Many have left their good positions in different fields, even in the banks, to come and stay in the movie industry, full time. People now leave school and say they are coming to movie industry unlike before, people now live fully as actors or actresses. In the past, its unheard of for people to leave their jobs to become actors or actresses but the movie industry has damaged the whole situation.

And I tell you, they live very fine as actors/actresses. In a nutshell, the industry has done very well.

But our challenges so far has been in the area of finance, because it addresses all sectors of the movie industry. When produce good films, most of the problems, emanate from lack of finance most of these people come out directly from the University or any other tertiary institution as theatre arts graduates, they want to act, produce or direct, but don’t forget they come with academic knowledge, theory, the industry do not have finance to finance a good training school. And the world is moving fast, every year there is advancement, in technology you see different thing coming out. But even at that the industry is still very good.

Another thing we encountered is mediocrity, on the part of practitioners. In not against anybody coming to practise films as a business, but I fell there should be standard. But for a long time, we have not been able to set the standard, but luckily in the last one year, within the three/four months "recess" we went to last year, guilds have been formed, Associations have been set to develop the industry and I think in the next 5 years, there would be a big change.

On piracy: There are illegal and legal piracy?

A video club man goes to the market and gets the right to dub and go and rent my film to the public. He is legally right because he has registered with censors board. But it is also illegal for you to rent my work without my knowledge and without my consent. That is a big problem we are facing with censors board and video club owners.

Video club owner keep saying they have registered with censors board and they can rent you films. And I tell them is not proper because these films do not belong to censors board, its my film. But the illegal ones are the ones that the video club owners do not even register with censors board. But I feel with the coming of guilds and associations, the whole thing will be put in place.

On directors guild:

Before the inauguration, the Guilds have started functioning. The Guilds were formed January 2003. The inauguration gave the word that they are now functioning, but they had statutory powers to enforce and discipline their members. Things had been in place before June 29 but the inauguration gave the rest of the Guilds who had not been working to kick off.

One problem was not knowing the correct information of their members. When we came out from the three months ‘recess’, all the members from all over the country - Lagos, Aba, Portharcourt, Onitsha, Kaduna Kano etc came to Lagos and registered.

But unfortunately, they were not communicated to before the three months recess elapsed, so there was no feed back to know if they were admitted to the Guilds. So one of the things we did was to bring these facts together and reverlidate their membership.

But the last exco of DGN did a wonderful job by bringing everybody together, DGN and CMPP, were merged. Apart from that the recess did not achieve anything rather we came back impoverished.

All the Guilds are now one. All the aggrieved people have come together and are more united.

We have gone beyond internal wrangling and I keep saying that the only way we can move forward is to forget our differences. The industry has been self made we have not gotten anything from government, so why are we fighting. Lets forget our differences and join hand and build the industry. So the DGN and AMP and others have align and joined CMPP, the umbrella body.


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I read this article on NW sometime ago.People will go where they are happiest.This is another evidence of the growing power of the industry.A place where you can get to be as creative as you want.How much creative can you get in a bank,anyway.:)


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Originally posted by vince
Na the bank money for leave for the industry,sef.Na im for better!:D
Interesting how people leave the bank without taking the money with them.


Good news for me!!!! YES!!! Let them go and flood the entertainment industry, and we'll bring the banking industry back up when its about to collapse:D
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