Pounding Yams, Abroad: Your Experience

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YOU. WILL. NOT. INJURE. ME. WITH. LAUGHTER. TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though I used to know a couple that had a small mortar and pestle in their kitchen. The wife piled loads of towels on the floor and would pound yam softly in the 'Odo'....kai....I won't like...the difference when me I ate it sef was clear! lol!

YUP!! in the garage,put a thick towel on the floor to prevent it from cracking.


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Yes O, the difference is CLEAR! I tried it once, went down to the basement, by the laundry room [with hard floor], with my small mortar and pestle. I ate the shege with thick egusi soup with goat meat and nchianwu! YUMMY! A+ Amazing! Sure better than Ola Ola or Iyan package poundos!
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