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All purpose flour
2 teaspoons of Yeast
Warm water or milk
Groundnut oil

frying pan

-Mix yeast, sugar, flour and enough warm water/milk to make flour smooth and pasty (ie. some middle ground btw runny and hard)

-Cover and let it rise in a warm place for about an hr and a half/two hours.(Use your oven if u have one...but dont turn it on!) Its consistency should become sort of elastic after it is full risen..

-Heat your oil in a pan (it need to be deep fried so use a lot of oil)

-Do a test by dropping a little dough into the oil...if the oil is hot enough the dough will float, not sink to the bottom.Make sure the oil doesnt get too hot though or else the puff-puff will burn without cooking inside.

-Use your hands to scoop a small portion of your risen dough and drop it in the oil....it should form a round ball when dropped (u can use a spoon here but IMO your hands make it come out rounder)

-Fry one side and turn...until golden brown all over

-Blot out some excess oill by putting them on paper napkins after frying.


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