Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 3

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did anybody watch The Apprentice last night?
did anythng happen between Nene and Star?
My dear, I watched it last night. it is too early in the game for that. I think the fight will come a little bit later. Donald was just using it to promote the show. Nene seem to be his poster child this time around, because she has been the only one doing the promotional rounds. All I have to say is, hang on to your britches, cause its bound to be a bumpy ride. :bouncy


If there is an NFL lockout, worris Kim going to do? as per her man no go get work, and he was a rookie so i'm sure he wasn't making millions like the other people.

i heard on the radio she is getting a spin-off! :box i don't know if i'm going to want to watch that though.
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