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I am looking for Yoruba films, with only Yoruba spoken. It is annoying to hear bits and pieces of English when there are Yoruba words that can be used. Also, my Yoruba needs can anyone recommend Yoruba films, no English oh...just Yoruba alone? Pleae and thank you

Iya Laje

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Wura ati Fadaka
Tani Olorun
Irawo meji
Alani baba labake-I thought it was really funny
Iyawo ajoji
Oleku-Pure Yooba
Koseegbe-Pure Yooba
Saworoide and Agogo eewo-Pure Yooba
Asa- Ithink pure Yooba
Oko mama e
Igi elera
Ile alayo- so funny
Oga akorin
Eshin aturu was mad funny
Itan mi
Sunday Dagboru
Emi nire kan
Iyawo Gbajumo
Oko Gbajumo
Omo eleran
Arole Aare
Amope Alasela

Any movie with Odunlade Adekola sha

I can't vouch that the rest don't have English spoken in them at all. They were just really good movies IMO. They are all on Youtube. I will update when I remember more.


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Well have this Internet player called roku. There is a nigerian channel I subscribe to and it has a library of movies
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