Saheed balogun shoots one cast movie

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Star actor,Saidi Balogun is in the news again.This time around,the film maker is up with another blockbuster that will set Nollywood ablaze literarily.

In a recent interview,he spoke on the new flick entitled,You or I.He also opened up on other issues including his alleged fresh romance.

Excerpts from the interview.

A couple of months back,your talk of the town movie entitled Eti Keta was released.Now,what's next from the stable of Saidi Balogun Productions?

We have You or I.It is a movie that parades all white cast with just one black,that's myself.

What actually informed the title?

You or I is just a question.Who is more jealous,a woman or a man.Does it have to do with gender? Is it about race,that is white or black?So,we want to know all these.Even within an estranged couple,the question still applies.You or I

So,the motive is to make the movie provide answers to certain questions that affect our relationships.

How were you able to source these white actors and actresses?

Myself,Alhaji Kayode As-sideeq,Dekunle Fuji travelled to South Africa during which we met an agent.We contracted it to her and she got all those intending to take part in the movie.

We conducted our audition to select the cast.We thank God we succeeded in getting fantastic actors at the end of the exercise.

We were in South Africa for close to a month.After getting the cast,we also shot part of the movie there.

Like how many of them scaled through the audition?

We have up to 16 of them that qualified.

Up there,we believe you had to pay higher because they charge professionally unlike what obtains in Nigeria.How did you source the fund?

It”s true they charged me professionally and I paid a little higher but I thank God a lot of people stood by me.I can't forget people like Anu Adewumi,Otunba Segun Runsewe and some companies including Onga seasoning,Unity Bank,Raskol,Da Viva,Loya milk and many more.

Eti Keta was one of the flicks that enjoyed adequate publicity from print and non-print media.A lot of people believed that you have actually made a lot of profit,then why haven't you replaced your stolen car?

Let me tell you the truth.I didn't make any profit from it.I am still where I am.Just like I told you,pirates have killed our business.So far there is no law against piracy,everybody is just doing what they like.

That's why I refused to follow some politicians when they were campaigning.I only followed Abike Dabiri and I am waiting for her now.
I challenged her to help us and propose before the House a law that will kill piracy totally.

I told Chief Mrs Remi Tinubu the same thing.Just like you said,I am yet to replace my stolen car because there is no money.I spent a lot on Eti Keta but I didn't make any profit because of the piracy.

That's why when I saw some of my colleagues dancing and singing for some politician during the electioneering campaign.I became angry and I called them Panlongo dancers because they actually know the fact that their future is not secure.My marketer,Suntab is also trying to safeguard my interest on Eti Keta.All of us are affected,be you a marketer or a producer,we are all crying.

If some of these pirates are arrested,before you know it,they are already released after paying very insignificant amount as fine.So,they will still go back to business.

Like how much have you spent on You or I ?

Fantastic question.I have had about five different movies including My Dream,My Life which is all about the kids.A banker,who goes to work very early in the morning and comes back when the children are already asleep,how will such a person have time to train the children? I have done another movie which is just one cast,it's only myself alone from the beginning to the end.

All these movies gulped millions.I have recorded them,only to make them available but the fear is all about recouping the money spent.
You or I is a N40 million movie.I will only appeal to pirates not to repeat the nefarious activities they did on Eti Ketta.

You know it is good we're taking our movies to the cinemas this time around but how long will a movie be in the cinema.So,my fear is just these bad people.

There is this tale in town that you're in a fresh romance?

Please,no comment on that.

Are you not interested in remarrying?

I am married already.I am married to You or I,that”s my wife for now.

Why haven't you filed for a divorce with your estranged wife,Fathia,because people believe…

(Cuts in quickly) That is what You or I stands for.Who is going to bell the cat,You or I?

Let them exercise a little patience,You or I will surely answer that.



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Eti Keta was one of the flicks that enjoyed adequate publicity from print and non-print media.A lot of people believed that you have actually made a lot of profit,then why haven't you replaced your stolen car?
:laugh: :laugh: worraheck?
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