Save My Pride

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starring: Mike Ezuruonye, Eve Esin, Oby Udeogalanya, Kingsley Peters

Bill played by Mike Ezuruonye is an armed robber who robs a student at gunpoint after following her to a cashpoint and entering her car. It turns out that this same girl is his girlfriend’s sister and their mother has just died. They come face to face again in a chance meeting at a restaurant. As she flees the restaurant in shock he follows her in an attempt to reconcile. She is unflinching in her refusal to accept his apology. Will she reveal to her sister that he is an armed robber?

I would NOT recommend this movie. The acting was decent from the main characters. However most of the extras were horrible. The credits were a mess. Some last names were missing and most names appeared to be spelt wrong. Some parts of the story were so ridiculous that it kept you watching to see what would happen next, however overall the movie was the pits. There was no clear beginning, middle or and end, and there was no focus. The whole first part was centred on Bill being an armed robber but there was no point to it at all. It didn’t fit into the story at large. It felt like the whole movie was improvisation. The pace was slow, the movie dragged and the editing was horrible. Towards the end of part two I really started to lose interest. It just got really really boring. Don’t waste your time with this one Bin it!
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