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Updates on scent of water activities so far

It has been a busy but stress-free SEVEN months of uninterrupted seminars. Our profound gratitude goes to the Almighty God who has made all these possible. I remember what my pastor - Bishop David Oyedepo - said during the last SHILOH that "YOU CANNOT HEAR GOD AND DOUBT HIM". It has been HIS love that kept us through till date.

Since it's been quite a while since I long visited, I just thought I should update us with ongoings since inception - April 2012.

We started off with a 3DAY SYMPOSIUM from 6th to 8th of April - with the theme - UNVEILING THE SEASON OF CHANGE. The highlights of this symposium are

- Africa/ Nigeria is like this because of the lack of knowledge.
- Only true workable knowledge becomes the panacea to Africa/ Nigeria's predicament.
TIP: We can know better and improve on our lives if we engage in cognate reading.

From that symposium, we introduced our first series that ran for about five months.

By May we looked at MAN KNOW THYSELF
By June we looked at MAN KNOW THY CHARACTER
By July we looked at MAN KNOW THY TALENT
by August we looked at MAN KNOW THY FRIENDS
By September we looked at MAN KNOW THY OPPORTUNITY
and by October we held an INDEPENDENCE CONFERENCE in collaboration with a church on INDEPENDENCE DAY on the theme "ARISE O COMPATRIOTS"

High-points of these events shall be communicated shortly...
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