Self-flying Selfie Drone Camera That Follows You


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Before you know it ,it will be a must carry in some homes.--- You know like the wife insisting the husband carry one on the frequent out of town 'business' trips.
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Yeah, read about that a while ago. The technology is moving fast and getting cheaper daily.
Oga, I was browsing the 'tech' section and laughing at how old some of the stuff there is. Small-small I go dey post new things there. How tech jumps every couple of yrs or so is wonderment.

PS. I post one short fim for 'African Movies, TV & Web shows section... you nefa see am? Like to know what you think.


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It was the Bomb then...:cool0019:
Yep. Then DJI and GoPro stopped being 'friends'... now GoPro is practically dead lol. The GoPro drone was a disaster... and they had to recall every single one they sold.
Oh hang on... GoPro announced their drone and wasn't it like 4 days later that DJI announced the Mavic?... Oh my gosh; that straight up killed the GoPro drone so they started dashing out GoPro 5 cameras. Na who send GoPro to call their drone... KARMA hahahahaha.


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Yeah, that happened. It was cruel, especially because the features were so far apart.
I beg, serves them right. They wanted to screw DJI because they didn't make cameras? (or maybe because they are Chinese). Now DJI DO make cameras... even cameras that shoot RAW... AND they even have a partnership with Hasselblad... BOOM *mic drop*
Where is GoPro? Laying off 200 staff per week with their same my-eye-is-fish-na cameras. Now 'Karma' is a biatch... excuse my French ;)


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*Forgive me as this is slightly off thread topic*

At least Apple did learn quick-quick after that crap MacBook 'Pro' they released last year and in a move never done before by them announced a number of 'actual' Pro computers being released this yr and next.

The iMac Pro... simply gorgeous and darn good specs but... the 2018 MacPro... hmmmm real choices ;)



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You know say I no be Apple fanboy. They've been doing crap for years and getting paid top dollar for in. No be news.