Seriously folks, someone must give me a reasonable answer as to why...

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Na the same as Naija Passport Office... every photo from them will make you look like a goldfish inside one round plastic fishtank. Why? Because they shoot at such a wide angle like 20mm or something. If only they would zoom in to a 50mm equivalent or so we'd all look better. So na wideangle distortion syndrome.

In the Sweet Sixteen thread post No. 14 & 16 explain it too.
No be only our folks oh. Most of the players have really awful pictures on that Olympics website. I have been wondering about this since the Olympics started, like who took those mugshots? Was it intentional? Was something wrong with the camera? The mind boggles!
Lol...I was wondering if someone just ran into Olympic village in the wee hours of the morning, and started pouring water on the athletes to wake up and take the pictures stat...cos them are some fugly shots!
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