Sex On Stage At Lagos Night Club

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Sex On Stage At Lagos Night Club
By Simon Ateba & Olatunji Saliu

For the uninitiated, it may look strange and immoral. Yet, for the dozens of patrons gleefully watching, it was a salacious entertainment.

Strippers at Ocean Blue, a strippers’ nite club, located adjacent to Sweet Sensation Bus Stop, along Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos, now have sex on stage to the delight of men and women who pay to watch them.

Last Friday, two young girls ‘electrified‘ the club when one of them appeared on stage with an artificial penis. The girl with the toy acted the role of a man during an intercourse with her colleague that lasted for over 30 minutes.

The patrons, mostly men, showed appreciation by throwing money at the strippers while the show lasted.

About 12 girls danced stark naked in the full glare of the large crowd. Apart from dancing naked, the girls gave a ‘lap dance‘ to whoever could afford to pay them N1,000.

Lap dance is a kind of dance where the girl dances naked on top of a man, rubbing her body on the private parts of the patron to arouse him.

At the peak of the show, some patrons who paid N4,500, were ushered into the VIP hall, a dark hall inside the club, where they can do anything with the girls. The money is shared between the club management and the particular girl who takes care of the patron.

P.M.News investigation reveals that the stripper receives N2,000 for the job and N2,500 goes to the club as entrance fee to the VIP hall.

Entrance fee to the club is N2,000 and if a patron wishes to have a ‘chat‘ with any of the strippers outside the club, he or she pays N2,500 as exit fee, and at least N3,000 to the girl.

Girls at Ocean Blue are of different sizes and complexions. But P.M.News observed that fair-complexioned, slim and tall girls got the highest patronage and were paid more money.

Besides the exotic dances by the strippers, it was observed that TV screens at the club were permanently showing pornographic movies. Patrons kept switching their eyes from the screens to the stage, located beside the bar.

P.M.News also observed that some mobile policemen visited the club in the wee hours of the morning, and left after a brief chat with officials of the club.

One of the bouncers disclosed that they have a good relationship with the police for the smooth running of the club. Ocean Blue nite club is like a boxing ring with few chairs for patrons. Most of the patrons remained on their feet for most of the entertainment. The club opens daily, but the exciting days are Fridays and Saturdays, when strippers bare it all.

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wow.....this is like the second article i'm reading about this club in two wks. Oh Lord Almighty pls deliver your people from the hands of lucifer.


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lol.i guess i made a mistake.i should av said ten pounds.10 pounds is around that rate sha.or less.

I thought i was the only one who noticed that too. What a cheap way to make money. Even on a bad night, the strippers i'm sure make more than £500.
I see Democracy is working in Nigeria.
Interestingly, one of the downsides of democracy is usually the breakdown of morality (eg homosexuality). In Nigeria's case, people are now making use of their new found freedom.:teu26:
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