Shakara Babe

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Starring: Ebube Nwagbo, Charles Awurum, Charles Inojie, Aki & Paw Paw


Naive village girl Kate (Ebube Nwagbo) is perturbed by her husband David's (Charles Awurum) lack of interest in her. He is dazzled by the city girls he sees and despite Kate doting on him and "making her head" he makes fun of her use of piegeon english and village dress sense. In a desperate bid to make her husband take notice of her she consults her auntie kiki who vows to turn her into a real city girl with the money she has been saving up since before she left the village. Kate is resistant to change but auntie Kiki conducts a full body makeover so that kate can seduce her husband. Will he. Come to his wife and stop chasing the city girls that so mesmerise him?

Ebube Nwagbo was excellent in her role as a razz zvillage girl. The funniest scene was after her make over where she was crying "who be dis auntie kiki?" Ebube where have you been? Please forget all this posh hair stuff and come back to acting full time!!! Aki and Paw Paw brung it with never ending comedic lines.

The movie is hilarious. The sight of Osita Iheme shaking his nyash doing a catwalk was a rewindable moment. There are so many funny lines. For instance:

A random girl and David are in the hotel room and after having "relations" the girl tells him,

"I am yet to even sweat."

To which he replies,

"Sweating na by force? If you wan sweat go outside and do jogging. By the time you done do am ten times. You go sweat by force."


I would definitely recommend this movie. It is a simple well written comedy. Aki and Paw Paw were a great double act. Charles Inojie and Charles Awurum provided too many laughs and Ebube played her character to perfection. An enjoyable comedy. Thumbs up.
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