Shirleys 6 hours to christmas

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Ok I have to watch this movie a second time. Y'all seem to have liked it. I'll try to overlook the very colorful props. Maybe 2nd time around will do the trick.


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ok, i enjoyed this movie. the story line was nice. quickly i have to say that its very dumb and rather unrealistic of chris attoh's xracter to touch the "uncle"'s blood without gloves knowing fully well he is HIV+. and to add to it, he didnt wash his hands afterwards. he just went on like it was nothing.

i enjoyed watching the female leading lady. she made the movie for me. i didnt like her roommate so much. maybe its her voice i dont know.

i love how they decorated the inside just for the movie. it didnt seem as bad as some pple made it seem. i liked it. and the colors werent bad @ all. its definitely something different from the usual.

the movie as a whole seemed abit slow. overall i enjoyed it but wudnt watch it again mainly because i know it is kinda slow.

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