Should she Forgive her husband or not?

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Copied from my group on fb. Very interesting:
Lesson of Life.

My hubby came home one night calm and happy, I was surprised but happy. He's been out of control for sometime now, actually since I lost my dad two years ago. He became the CEO since my dad died, it was on t...he will for my husband to become the CEO and my baby brother the Managing director. I've done everything in my power to make things right but whatever I do is not good enough. This wasn't the same Tayo that I married. My parents were rich but their two children were trained well. I was working in my dad's company until I had my second child. My dad told me to stay at home and take care of the kids because I refused to get a maid and my grandma that was helping passed away at the time.(I lost my mom five years ago too) I enjoyed every minute of being a wife and a mom until I lost my dad.

My husband came in that fateful day about three months ago, looked at me and said "I don't love you Kemi, I never did. I appreciate everything you have done but it is time I move on with my life. You can stay in this house, keep the cars and I'll arrange for monthly allowance for you and the kids. If your brother agrees with my lawyer's terms, I'll pay him generously for his share in the company. Thanks to your father, I owe the 70% of the company. Don't try to fight this, it is clearly written in your father's will." I woke up the following day at the hospital and by my side was dad's lawyer, she looked at me and smiled! Two weeks later, the lawyer came to see me at home and to my surprise, she brought with her a letter handwritten by my dad. I wish I could hug dad at that very minute. There was a clause in the will, if Tayo leaves me without any fault of mine or if he dies before me, I have to take over the company. Dad knew I could handle it, I've been working in the company since my first year in the university! Tayo came to the house two days after I saw dad's letter, begging me to forgive him.

Should she forgive knowing u have only one husband.


..still The Drama Queen!
<My reply:


But, forgive him because that is what God wants us to do!

The greedy idiotic husband did not think of the pains and heartbreak when he was dumping her!!

PLEASE FIRE HIS ARSE AND LEAVE HIM NO ALLOWANCE and take care of your kids! Hiiiiiissssssssssss

Am i too harsh? :D


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That na question wey hard to answa? Of course she dare not take him back. They guy get luck sef... because had there been no 'clause' letter... no be Naija... e no hard to 'lost' there now!


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Reminds me of that commercial where the guy and the girl both say they have something to say... So the guy goes first and says "I think we should see other people" and then she says "I won the lottery"..... Oops!!


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Hayellll to the No.
Are you frigging kidding me? The guy only wants her back cos his source of income is gone. Such a snake, and the world is full of them.


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What a human waste!
Thank God for Daddy's back up plan otherwise she would have been screwed pretty bad.
Now to that olodo that came back begging, her senses better put things into action real quick.
Since love was never there and not that it went on missing in the relationship, she better tell him to pack the one that is light and the one that is heavy and kick his ass to the curb real quick. Shikena!


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Is the lady an idiot? Why take him back when he already said he did not love you?

Something else bugs me. That the father included the son in the will and made him CEO (rather than his son or his grandkids or even his daughter) is disappointing but that's Nigeria.


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Forgive? By all means.
But take him back? Unless she's cursed by a thousand demons.

The guy has played his hands to reveal his intentions. He should never be given another bite at the cherry.


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Drop that ignorant N%%%%A. He is an opportunist. Please wolf in sheep's clothing. Abeg, delete the guy with immediate effect.
What's the thing about having One Husband???????? BONDAGE BULL CRAP
Ah, haven't you heard? That one is automatically married spiritually to anyone they sleep with (the doctrine according to His Majesty), so e mean sey the spiritual bond wey bind the married people own eh, go be like super glue...once in, no way out; proper life sentence without the possibility of parole!
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