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Skyfall - B-Roll clips

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Here are a few B'Roll clips from the new James Bond film - Skyfall. (5 in total - 3 here, 2 in the next post)

B-Roll 1

B-Roll 2

B-Roll 3



OMG Y'ALL! !!!
revoke my bond fan card now because I just saw Skyfall and oh boy oh boy oh boy!
Why is there no discussion on this site about it?
That opening sequence abi na scene had my heart racing and my eyes glued to t he TV.
And the villain was oh so gooood.

And can I say I fell in love with the new Q? Can I, can I?

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Late comer. Everybody and dem mama sabi say Craig na one of a kind Bond since forever. And where were you when the whole world was loving Skyfall? Just rewatched it 2 days ago too, and Bond films are usually impossible for me to revisit - except for Craig's.

And they made the M transition so cool...
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Skyfall is insane. Just look at the B-roll/BTS and see these guys doing the stunts scenes like it were nothing. And TM i agree, that opening sequence that leads to the opening credit = badass!!!!
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