Soul After Soul

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Starring: Kalu Ikeagwu, Mercy Johnson, Queen Nwokoye


Vincent and Vanessa are happily married with a young daughter. They would like more children but the doctors have told her that it is risky. Angelina too is married and happy except for the lack of a child. She is distressed over her childlessness after two years of marriage. Her husband Frank is supportive and reassuring and soon tests reveal that it is him that is sterile. One fateful a car accident occurs involving both couples where both Frank and Vanessa are killed. Angelina comes around 3 months later but has no recollection of the life she left behind. Soon enough she moves into Vincent’s neighbourhood and they begin to get to know each other.

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I loved the chemistry between Mercy and Kalu. It was very realistic and slow burning. I could feel the sexual tension between them increase in every scene I usually love Kalu but he was not on point here. There was a scene where Kalu was supposed to be sick and it was soooo fake. He was smirking and laughing all the way through. What was it that he kept laughing at? It was super annoying especially since he is one of Nollywood’s great actors. They should have reshot it. This wasn’t the only scene where he seemed to be laughing under his breath or smirking where it wasn’t appropriate.

Just when you think they will have a story that shows your life will not end if you cannot have a child you realise that Nollywood can never have a story like that. So kudos for showing a man being infertile and accepting it but I gotta take kudos away on the other hand because Frank got killed off as if to say the fate of death is better than living as a sterile man. We don't see Angelina and Frank adopt a child or Vincent and queen have a happy life with the one that they already have as I would have liked (Think outside the box NOLLYWOOD. Introduce NEW ideas and ways of thinking to people) Oh no instead of this we see the ones who are not able to have a child quickly killed off. Wow! Does that mean you are better off dead that living in African society unable to bear your own biological child? This may just be one movie but when the same message is being preached from film to film you cannot help but to think that that just may be the case.

I would recommend this movie. I liked the movie because it was one of those simple feel good movies. I liked the idea of the story and the acting and relationship between the characters was great for the most part. It was however very predictable. The other thing I had a problem with was Kalu’s smirking and that I didn’t think that the whole spirit thing was properly thought about. Nevertheless it is worth watching.
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