Stephanie Okereke premieres "Through the glass"

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Well Takestyle, NTB and sidney have great Valid we tend to find somewhere to squeeze Nollywood into a project to attract the viewers of Nollywood

Im happy for steph this is a big step and i hope the premier goes well...abeg someone give a review so i can see whether i should cop this or not.. i done with the whole supporting with out hearing reviews cause half the time i toss the reciept and cant have it returned!
Because she started in Nollywood does not make all her work Nollywood. Call ur Sister Ayesha in CA for the review since she don see am.


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thank you, NTB... i think you have better expressed what i was trying to say with "what does it tell you about the state of filmmaking in that country?"

basically, it is the industrial context that the film is produced within.

some may argue that this is irrelevant--and i would understand their point of view--but i think it's important.

how can you say, for instance, "this is the best-looking Naija produced movie" when it is produced in a context that is far removed from any other "Naija movie," y'know?

it's kinda like a different animal to me.
U welcome.
Stephanie Okereke is premiering her first film ‘’Through the Glass’’ in Los Angeles.

Stephanie okereke premier is on October 18, 2008
She is one of Nollywood most talented actresses, and I can't wait for what she has in store for us. Girl keep doing what you do best Steph…...And I am sure the movie will be a hit.
Here are the lists of the premiere dates…
Start time: Saturday, October 18, 2008 at 6:00pm
End time: Sunday, Oct 19, 08 at 2:00 am
Location: pacific designer center
Hollywood, silver screen
Street: 8687 Melrose Ave
City, town: West Hollywood, CA

After Party Beverly Hills
Food Drinks music and fashion show
Ticket 30 d

here is a preview to her movie
YouTube - Through the Glass Trailer

I'm proud of you girl!
I got this info hot off the presses from my girl Libvixen's blog. Pleas check her out at libvixen

here is the direct page address to stephanie's movie story


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I never knew dis movie had white casts. Steph is undoubtedly looking beyond Nollywood and dats absolute good for her. The movie seems 2 to suspense filled....
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