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Enters.. Khamileon (The Otunba of NR)

I am Otunba Khamileon, The Afefe 1 of Eindhoven and Akajiakwu 1 of Nigeria. I have five wives hia
1.Mamarita (Love of my life)
2.Blackbutterfly (The one that makes my heart beat)
3.Obariba (My golden girl and sunshine lady)
4.Bolanle (Erm! I still dey think about this one cos her eyes dey outside, as per my palace guard FM always dey chase her)
5. Debbbie (My sweet lil angel)

I always mix pidgin english when writing, so if u no sabi pidgin and you wan learn pls lemme know. As the Otunba, I am the only one with the power to barn and delete even SOLA from this place, so I will not allow anybody disturb or harass you. If anyone bothers you here, please let me know and I wil deport that person to Siberia. You are very much welcome to NR Supermom


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#62, Dear Supamom. Looks like you've finished meeting the rest. I now invite you to meet the best.
Welcome my dear, you hear?....You go enjoy yersef for NR, long as you remember to always....Love GOD, GENEVIEVE, and yourself.
Welcome again, you hear?
....lesbian scene...:spiny:
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