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sorry for resurecting old posts, but all this talk on Love After Love made me get a bit nostalgic for the old days when we were able to review movies objectively and actually have discourse on the movies without slinging insults or making the thread all about one star or the other, and made me want to look up reviews on the movies i loved.

Vince, since we have an influx of new "directors" on the market, perhaps you can start this again? reviewing directors? and their works?

Did Tchidi Chikere go to school for directing?

I have read any interviews with him, but i'd like to read an interview between him and Sola, that would be a powerful read.

i just want to ask him where he gets his stories from (i haven't seen any of his new movies where he acted but i hear he is improving,) and i'd also like to ask him why he wants to act in his movies.

I just think he is a great director and a good storyteller.

Ah! Rising Sun.
Wonderful movie.
Thickmadam, abeg talkam, Did u read my mind or something. Its less than 48hrs since i have been campaigning with oga on pm, to have an interview with Tchidi, I'd love to hear from him, and his work, how he writes what he writes and his whole producing/directing thing - his future plans for movies. I find his job so fascinating and would love to read an interview on him. But e be like say i have to keep to my word (from way back when sweat: ) before Oga go grant my wish. But oga like i said, its coming.

Out of all the directors Tchidi is one i'd like to disect (as well as Lancelot and Emem, but Tchidi more than anyone)- I dont want to know anything bout his personal life (as most interviewers focus on), i am just curious bout his work - how he writes his scripts - why focus on mainly village/traditional themes (though i LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT). I always look forward to his work. No one beat Tchidi for 2007, and i know he wont dissapoint me this 2008.

ps: Oga i'm only teasing :spin2:sweat:-i know you're trying. but with a few other ppls re-affirmation as i have read here, i guess it has to be done, kwik kwik.

Its just so amazing and coincidental, yall were thinking what i was thinking lately. A long overdue Tchidi interview, better yet invite him online lets do Q&A, he has a lot of fans out here.


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I never know that there was a thread on Naijarules about Tchidi Chikere, like most of you guys you would have notice how much I praise Tchidi Chikere movies he is a very talented young man and I loved most of his movies, in my own point of view he is one of the best writer and director we have in nollywood. I remember watching one of his first movies like
My Goodwill 1 and 2 starring Hilda Dokunbo Mrakpor, Emeka Ike, Justus Esiri, Franca Brown, Clem Ohamaze, Tom Njamanze, Ofia Afuluagu Mbaka, Euphamia Ncha . I think this movie, was one of Tchidi Chikere first movies, I remember watching this movie and I was very impress with the writer and director of this movie, without knowing who this person was, this when I fell in love with Tchidi Chikere movies and after this movie I was always looking forward to watch his movies. After watching my Goodwill few months later the movie Hatred came out on video tape with some of the best and big actors and actresses in nollywood featured in this wounderful movie Hatred starring Zack Orji, Patience Ozokwor Sandra Achurms, Nonso Diobi, Constance Daniels, Fabian Adibe and Jide Kosoko. I even loved this movie more than my goodwill. After Hatred came lots of movies from Tchidi Chikere and I knew that he is one of the best writer and movie director we have in nollywood. I will say that with good evidence to back up my view. Looking at one of the best movies from nollywood in the past and now Tchidi has done really well for himself, where do I start with, he has done good movies like My Goodwill 1 and 2 Daniel Found joy in being philantropic, but pamela, he had given out more than enough. And for her, she had bitten off more than she could chew. How does a woman live with a mouthful of guilts? What can I say about the movie it good the cast did a great job, this movie was one of my first Tchidi movies.

Hatred 1-3 This movie was outstanding, loved every part of this movie. The storyline was on point, deep and very emotional I cried throughout part 1 I could not stop my tears . Very good acting from Patience Ozokwor and Sandra Achurms.

I will list most of Tchidi movies and I will be back later to post more of his movies, you have to bear with me because he has done lots of movies in the past and now. It will take lots of time to post them all, so I will post some of them later.

Evil Doers 1 and 2 starring -Eucharia-Anunobi Ekwu, Justus Esiri, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Bob-Manuel Udokwu, Maureen Ihua, Clem Ohamaze, Rita Edochie
storyline -She was a lucky woman to be married to a rich and affluent man..but she was not satisfied with that, she was jealous of his younger brothers. She sought and found power to destroy her husband, despite being the leader of christian Mothers at her parish church. she turned her husband into a "vegetable", took him back to the village and prevented his brothers from seeing him. (watch this one ages ago, I will review it later it was another nice movie)

Pains of Love- starring Emeka Ike, Chiege Alisigwe, Ifeoma Anyiam, Fabian Adibe, Franca Brown, Chinwe Owoh, Cynthia Okereke and Jude Oteka
storyline Chinelo's step mother maltreated her and her younger brother, she hated them. But chinelo's father could not do much he grieved the loss of chinelo's mother every time he settles a quarrel. The only thing that bring a smile to chinelo's face is Fred. Fred and Chinelo have been dating for a long time and very much in love, but Chinelo's step mother and her daughter cooked-up a devilish plan to destroy their relationship. What Can I say Tchidi did it again in this movie, I watch this movie when it came out, it was a very touching love story Chinelo played by Chiege Alisigwe and Fred played by Emeka Ike did well, it was a nice love story.

Market Sellers 1 and 2 storyline Omotola made the grave mistake of listening to her mother (Patience Ozokwor). She was dumped by her fiance (Bob Manuel Udokwu) because of rumours of her flirting about in the village. Another movie I enjoyed watching, Omotola nailed her character.

Never say goodbye storyline Nwando (Stella Damasus Aboderin) is a pretty girl in the village and almost every bachelor in the village wants her hand in marriage. Oziri (Ramsey Noah) her lover and fiance is afraid of losing her, because he cannot marry her right away, he hasn’t got the money to pay her bride price. Nwando has assured him that she will wait for him to get her bride price. Again and other good movie that I enjoyed watching very nice love storyline. Stella and Ramsey did really well.

I have all of these movies, more than four times. However I will be back to review more of Tchidi Chikere movies.


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I met with Nollywood director Tchidi Chikere (the dude can sing...come and see him and one Ghanaian singer rocking the mic) He promised to come to NR! So its on!
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