Terror and Tears

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Starring: Eucharia Anunobi, Chioma Chukwuka, Sam Dede, Mike Ezuruonye, Annie Macaulay


Don't bother!

This one is a story of forbidden love with a cultism and political backdrop. Both Edna and Alfred have both been promised the post of state governor by the current state governor. However they cannot both take the role and despite efforts to get them to see reason with each other neither will back down. Edna has aligned herself with the Jungle Queens an all female deadly cult on campus while Alfred is affiliated with The Crocodiles a deadly male cult. The battle for the government post gets more and more outragous and deadly with even more being at stake when the discovery is made that Sam's son Milton and Edna's daughter Barbara are dating and will not heed their parent's warnings to stay away from each other. How long will the battle rage and who will be the casualties?

The movie starts with a Barbara being chastised by her mother Edna and then immediately switches to a cult ceremony and some guys dancing around a fire. The switch was too sudden and unrelated. I didn't even get a good enough look at the guys face to know if he is one of the cult members, turns out I didn't need to know what he looked like because he barely features in the story.

The movie starts to kick into being about something about 34 minutes in when Barbara and Milton meet on campus. Chioma Chukwuka is good playing the spoilt brat. The part where she was whining to Milton about not being able to enrol by herself was funny but she is way to old to be playing a freshman on campus and obviously from the way she was acting she wasn't meant to be a mature student and allz I'm saying is if she was not meant to be a mature student and was not a teacher there was no need for her to be on that campus!

The pace of the movie is slow. It drags on a bit. Overly dramatic music is used where it does not even need to be used. That is a bit annoying and misleading. For instance Chioma is on campus calling her mother and they start playing some heavy beat dramatic music like she is about to be attacked or something. It did star some great actors. Eucharia gave it everything she's got. I really enjoyed her performance. I also loved the repeated mention of safe sex throughout the movie, but the movie on the whole was not well executed. It was just bleurgh. Thumbs Down.

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