The 15 Worst Things to Say to a Pregnant Woman

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By Caitlin Brody

"You should have a c-section. They're so easy." -- 55sportgal
What to Say Back: "I wouldn't ever call surgery easy."

"Are you sure you should be having another baby?" -- wolverinemom7
What to Say Back: "Are you sure you should be asking such a rude question?"

"You're pregnant? I just thought you were eating too much!" --*greenflwrgirl*
What to Say Back: "It's a little weird that you were keeping tabs on my diet."

"Did this happen before or after the wedding?" -- 45_bestr
What to Say Back: "Who knows? We've always had a great sex life!"

"Are you having triplets? You look huge!" -- lady_bugg
What to Say Back: "How many months along are you?"

"You'll never sleep again!" -- 90210str
What to Say Back: "I'm looking forward to many sleepless nights with my new baby."

"Are you sure this is what you want?" -- wunderbread2
What to Say Back: "Yes. Thanks for asking, though!"

"Is it the same dad as your first?" -- frenchiespn2811
What to Say Back: "Maybe not. I never thought of that."

"I bet you're glad you had her prematurely so that you wouldn't get so big." -- tennisgurl4
What to Say Back: "Actually, I care more about my baby's health than gaining weight."

"Aren't you too old to have another baby?" -- soholoft*
What to Say Back: (Point to belly) "Guess not!"

"Wow, check out those stretch marks!" -- RL_dvalite_RL
What to Say Back: "My husband and I think they're sexy."

"I hope it comes out normal." -- B2BobsessedSF
What to Say Back: "Well, no matter what, I'll be sure to teach him the manners you seem to lack."

"You're definitely having a girl since your butt is getting so big!" -- 34_packerslvr
What to Say Back: "I know -- it's improving my dance moves like crazy!"

"Do you know who the father is?" -- prncs<3monok
What to Say Back: "Your husband." (Okay, we know you wouldn't actually say this, but her reaction would be pretty priceless.)

"Wow, your husband must make some big babies!" -- chocomama499
What to Say Back: "Yep, he's a keeper!"



walk up to a pregnant woman and tell her
Wow, your husband must make some big babies
Do you know who the father is

and see if she doesn't slap the shiggidy out of you.
hell those questions are all worst jo.

"Worst things"? What a title! Maybe "Wrong Things" perhaps....
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