The Day They Came - An African Short Sci-fi Film

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"The folks at Ficson Films have produced a short clip of what is probably the first sci-fi production in Nigeria.

Ficson Films was conceived as a business idea in October 2012, as a film production outfit in the bid to produce quality Nigerian movies for Nigerians and the world.

The company is a partnership between two young Nigerians with a passion for film making.

The short clip is episode 1 of their debut series, The Day They Came. Watch it below."




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The special effects look good but i don't know about seeing this kind of story in a Nigerian film. It just doesn't resonate. We don't always have to copy.

Kala Lou

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Hardly the "first" sci-fi production..what about "Kajola"....anyway I like the idea of Nollywood exploring other genres apart from just drama and comedy....they try for the effects but the camera work though...e be like say camera man get Parkinson...


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Saw it before and liked seeing someone doing a tiny bit better with effects. Definitely not there yet but if they keep at the VFX craft they have promise.

Errrmmm... what's with the every Tobe, Dike and Hassan claiming 'first' something every single time? We nefa tire for such silly rubbish claims? Na me 'wee' first for my yard this morning... can I be given an award?

Got to agree with MW & KL... first off this very story doesn't resonate, having said that this is not exactly a short or anything more than showing where they are now with their VFX. Can an 'alien' sci-fi work in a Naija setting? Of course! It just has to be written with various things taken into consideration.

As seen it's not that easy for actors to 'act' with nothing there. Personally I think they should have just called it a 'test shot' because there's really nothing in this 'episode 1'.
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