The Enemy I see

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Starring: Patience Ozokwor, Mercy Johnson, Yul Edochie, Eve Esin, Chinyere Wilfred, Halima Abubakar


Mama (Patience Ozokwor) has arrived back in the village from America after visiting her daughter and puts on airs and graces as though she has been out of the country for decades rather than one year. On her return she does not contact her best friend or eldest daughter which leaves them resentful. Her friend Chinyere is envious of how she now parades around the village and despite smiling and joking with her spreads rumours around the village about how she is too proud of herself. She also starts putting pressure on her young daughters to find men to settle down with so she too can reap the benefits as Bridget has from her son in law.

A pretty top notch cast pretty much wasted in my opinion. The story was one we have seen a million times before without any new twist. Nevertheless with such a cast, even with an unoriginal story line such as this could have been amazing. It just needed right execution. Something was missing. The story wasn’t wholly a serious one but then it wasn’t funny at all, so it missed a trick there. Unfortunately it was not amazing. It was simply alright. I’d say watch if bored. Movie doesn’t end at part 2 but I wouldn’t seek out the rest. Not interesting enough. *YAWN*

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