The Fake Prophet

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Starring Charles Okafor and Grace Amah directed by Teco Benson


Udofia played by Charles Okafor is involved in a human trafficking racket run by Honourable Igbinosa (Big Fred Ezimmadu). Between Udofia and Igbinosa they ship off young naïve Nigerian girls to Europe supposedly for legitimate jobs which in reality are prostitution. When Udofia is almost caught with trafficked girls by police during a routine stop he flees to his village in Akwa Ibom State to escape Igbinosa’s wrath. With no money, education or discernible talent he turns to a new career as a preacher and soon enough after performing miracles with hired actors he is respected in the community as “an anointed man of god.” He declares certain children witches and takes huge sums of money from their parents in order to deliver them from witchcraft. Of course he is unable to do so and so declares such children as beyond being delivered. Udofia is soon responsible for several deaths of children and exile of others in the community, notably Ekaette (Grace Amah) and Inyang (Samuel Ajibola) who have been accused of being Witch and Wizard after Ekaette’s father’s death.

The best thing about the movie was the storyline. The issue of child witches as well as on a much smaller scale, child trafficking were covered. The issue of Child witches is one that is a very important subject matter in my opinion and not told enough. The issues were sensitively handled by Teco Benson. It was a gripping and well told story. Although not fantastic, the performances were solidly good. I was excited to see Grace Amah as I haven’t seen her in anything in a long while, however her character wasn’t fully developed so although she performed well it wasn’t a performance that you would remember in years to come. More character development for Ekaette and Inyang would have definitely improved the movie tremendously. The stand out performance for me was Charles Okafor. He was very convincing as the fake prophet and handled the comedic moments in his role with great skill. The movie is a thumbs up. Go and watch it!

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