The funniest hollywood movies you ever saw

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Indomitable gurl
Head Of State
Bad Boys
Finding Nemo
Shark's Tale
White Chicks
Malibu, Most wanted
Bringing Down The House
Shanghai Moon
Big Momma's House
Naughty Professor 1 & 2
Rush Hour 1 & 2
American Wedding
American Pie
50 First Dates

And Many Many More. They are all Hilarious!

The Maverick

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The ones that made me shit my pants and literally cry with laughter...

Beavis and Butthead Do America
Booty Call :ringed
South Park: Bigger, Better, Uncut
Water Boy
American Pie 1&2 :ringed
Bad Boys II
Napoleon Dynamite

plus a couple more that I'm forgetting now.

Iya Laje

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Next Friday-men that movie makes me laugh no matter how many times I've watched it. CHICO you are still da bomb!
Scary movie 1,2,& 3
White Chicks
A thin line between love and hate-whoo I looooved me this movie, with that crazy behind
Cruel intentions- Ryan Phillipe, you are sexy anyday!
Not another teen movie
Diary of a mad black woman-and all Tyler Perry movies
A low down dirty Shane
Coming to America
Dude! Where's my car
What's the worst that could happen-in short all of Martin Lawrence' movies
Rush Hour
The best Man
The Wood
Deliver us from Eva
House Party-all the parts
Boyz in the Hood
Pet detective - jim carey
princes Diary
Are we there yet
rush hour2
daddy's day care
big daddy
50's first date
Billy madison
Bullet proof
Barber shop 1

and so many more
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