The Judas Game

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#1 - Daughters of Eve


Mercy Johnson
Majid Michel
Paul Sambo

Doctor Jerry is a rogue doctor that drugs and rapes pregnant woman that come to him for gynecological examinations. He is has a panty fetish and sees woman as only good for satisfying his sexual urges. He is caught and expelled from a hospital after the woman dies of a heart attack and autopsy conducted where illegal drugs and his sperm are found in her. It is not long before doctor jerry sets up his own clinic and is back working and up to his old tricks. He meets his match and he is now subject to blackmail from his latest “victim.” Will he meet her demands? Chief Walters exploits a homeless widow and her family by offering them a place to stay in exchange for the girls body. Will there be a price to pay for their wicked acts?


I would recommend this movie. The editing was decent there were no long dragged out scenes. It moved and a reasonable pace and the sound was consistent throughout, however the directing could have been better. There were many scenes which I could see could have been improved tenfold. The music was appropriate in volume and type and added to the scenes. I thought the story was a good one although some bits were comical perhaps where they shouldn’t have been. I was kept entertained all the way through. Thumbs up!

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