The Land - Onyeka Onwenu ft Naija all stars

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Centenary Anthem for Nigeria written and performed by Onyeka Onwenu, featuring - Zaaki Assay, Tosin Martins, Omawumi Megbele, E.B.E.N, Silver Saddih, Ayobami Ayolola, Seun Shobo



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The lyrics of the theme song are as follows:

Oh! This Land of mine
Nigeria on my mind
Born in diversity
Blessed beyond Compare.
All through these hundred years
Our struggles and through all our fears
We’re strong in our unity
Peace our destiny.

Here we are
Standing tall
Through adversity
We are one
One hundred years of unity
We will stand.
Oh! This Land of mine
Nigeria on my mind
I pledge to you my loyalty
My love
My ability

And as we celebrate
Ourselves we shall re-dedicate
To serve a new Nigeria.
For a better land for all.

Tell it on the mountain
Shout it in the valley
Nigeria has come a long way
On the journey to our future
Of brighter and better days
Together we will make it
Strong and invincible
We are on our way
One nation. indivisible
Nigeria is here to stay

Words and Music by Onyeka Onwenu
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