The Lone Ranger

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i don't think he cares too much. he probably lies in a hammock on his private island and say "you know, i always wanted to play the lone ranger since i was kid, why the hell not, i'm going to do it" or "hey, why don't i play XYZ?" and then he dials up his old collaborator and they make it.


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It's not out here yet. I'll still see it.

Did anyone see 'Man of steel'? What did you think? I personally thought it wasn't as good as the hype... but I might be jaded because I didn't have a nice experience, can you imagine in the blackest black of the cinema some stupid Indian man has to come and sit next to me with his young yackety yack son? Why couldn't the man find another black place to go. Hisssssss.

Going to see it again... and early this time.
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