The Maidens

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something is going on with mercy johnson.
she's lost that "IT" factor. anddropping too many "my loves".
i watched this movie and i was not feeling her.

i think she needs to take a break, and reclaim that which she has lost.

she's affected a whine, some type of walk/stomp when she is "angry"...i don't know...something is off
and i wish she'd just speak english like normal.
i don't understand that thing she does with her elbows is. *sigh*

ms mercy,please, i'm warning you o, you're in my sights now....if i watch one more movie. hmmmm, hmmmmm.

if you need to take a break from movies, please do. before coming back. i hear you're getting married, congratulations. if your husband allows you to return to acting, i expect to see the fire and spark back in your performances.
I totally agree with you Thickmadam


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i watched 3 and 4 yesterday and it was a little entertaining than the 1 and 2. Mercy was obnoxious and annoying
in this movie. rita was excellent in her queenly role.

why was rita and john's daughter staying with her aunt? and the daughter did not about her kid brother
desmond until after his death. haba, so unrealistic.mercy and her sister linda were maids in the palace
then suddenly when they became 'royals',they did not know how to cook. and mercy could not serve her
husband any food. why? very unrealistic. what were they doing then as
maids in the palace? i wanted to hit mercy with my bare hands in the tv, this
my love my love is so annoying.


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Chinwetalu Agu builds characters into the proverbs. i tere ugba, i tere ose :laugh: means anyway you look at it. I loved this movie and the cast had me glued and :roll Rita rocked as Queen. Adaora beating the crap out of Mercy's character :laugh: Nne, i di ok.


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Otelu Ugba, Otelu Ose!!!! Ha! Nnanyi Agu na class act eh! :laugh:

Otelu ugba?! Was ugba prepared?!! Otelu ose?! Was pepper prepared?! Shege! :roll

Make I go find one old ogbonge Patience O and Chinwetalu Agu film! Those two na correct combo!! :roll :roll


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Mmili ama ugba ma ose!! :laugh:

I wish Chinwetalu Agu's xter had more parts in this movie sha!! Ewehhh! His mad man scene at the tail end of the movie had me in stiches!! :roll

LWKMD for real!! :roll :roll :roll
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