The Oscars come to Town!!

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Yep!!! i hope she keeps this up cause her success story is an inspiration to many african americans/minorities ( she came from humble beginings and in her first acting role won an oscar) she needs to remember that she is a role model to many others and keep representing us black folk in a + way


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Ladies please lets talk about fashion for a moment.

What do you guys think about Jennifer's dress.;_ylt=AqF4PDZnZiQElBMG_qCLw692VLcF?gid=69&pos=1

I didn't like it at first, when she removed the cleopatra jacket she had on, i felt the dress wasn't bad at all. Whoever are stylist was ruined the look from the beginning, if not the dress was beautiful for a plus size lady like her.

My best dressed lady is Penelope Cruz; men was that dress beautiful or what?;_ylt=AkCx2ZaNbdBGJLuoP8WN6hh2VLcF?gid=68&pos=1


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Leo didnt win :grin (sigh!) but I'm happy for Whittaker sha! His acceptance speech was quite touching!!!!!

And Scorcese finally finally finally got a directorial oscar!

Leo take heart oh, you got so much praise from Martin and lots of other guys!grinning: And "THE DEPARTED" won best picture!YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


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will smith looks hot...his son is cute and ma fav dress of all was reese witherspoons dress i also like what cameron diaz's hair her dress was an ok... eddie murphy looked sexy and forrest was erm...okay!

kirsten dunst dress reminded me of a bird... she totally stunk in that dress....
U r too mean.


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Eddie Murphy (Dream Girls) and Djimon Hounsou Blood Diamond) just lost the award for "Best supporting actor".
the guy who won sold the oscar from them o....did you notice that after that, Eddie disappeared from the place? it was like he said to Tracey, 'get your purse, we are out of here' and that was it......:roll but damn, the show was entertaining to me until they pulled that on Eddie and it became political for me sha....but happy for Ms. jhud...:)
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