Tinsel, an MNET soap!

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Please who has been following up with tinsel? I only manage to watch the brief clips posted on mnet's website
M-Net Africa - Tinsel: 23 March.
Sheilas wedding concept was the most believable i have ever seen from any nigerian production. Her wedding dress was fab and they even got house of Tara for her make up. It would be much appreciated if people who are still watching upload full clips. Merci
The level of acting in season 2 is appalling. Even the veterans like Funlola are reallly getting on my nerves, and its so "Days of Our Lives" now.

I still trya nd watch it small small sha, but always put it on mute when that chick they cast as Phillip's sister talks.As fake as acid rain
can't stand her either.really hurts my ears wen she talks


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i never thought philip's sister was faking her accent, i thought she schooled in uk and acquired that accent, i just google her and she schooled in nigeria. so how does she feel talking like this? or maybe her part requires it. i love telama?, chuks and chris and funlola
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