Tulip Allegations: Genevieve Nnaji Responds

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MY LAWYER? so I am still Akofa right? you are a biased man sola osofisan, run with that.

by the way, post that email YOU CLAIM she said she has "dealt with me" your fabrication I bet. you posted the first one, why didn't you post the other rather than say they dealt with me?

writing that MY lawyer will discredit everything you posted that she wrote, thats a fine game.

please let me name drop. if I know and can name, why not? who stopped you from naming if you know?

you whole online NR campaign is for Genevieve, have you defended Benedict Johnson, Tony Umez, who is called "mumu" on your forum? have you? I dislike Genevieve, I got excited and said it vehemently that yes, I believe she was fired. I want everyone to believe me....s#$@t why bother explaining anything to a biased man?

before you write things YOU think are smart, remember you are smart to the people you control on this forum, your kingdom, your internet empire...

not to me. I have MET way more intelligent people.
If you have a disagreement,state it clearly and unequivocably but please leave the insults out.The Sola i know is fair and scrupulously objective.At least,he tries to be. You weaken your case,when you resort to invective and name-calling. Spoken with no malice.


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you mistook the silent wisdom of the old for weakness, since you listened to whispers from the pit hell and have been entrapped in the venomous vomit of the serpent that made it's abode within your soul. Cry for help, peradventure somebody will come to your rescue, before you metamorphose into a hell bound serpent.
you talk about snakes and death like you dine and wine with them.you are of the devil, aren't you. well your snakes are too small to consume me. just like moses' snake consumed pharaoh, so have i also consumed ur so called snakes and as such can do me nothing. keep whinning, you loser. an old fool like you that shd be resting her senile brain still has time to exchange batters with 'little' sisi on this site. agbaaya!!! what a wisdom. a word of advise thou, limit that your yeye wisdom to the pit of hell where u live. it is best suited for the weakling of snakes that keep you company:p:p:p


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this is what shd be said in defence of angela as angela was the one made into a bad and bitter person here and objectivity was thrown into the winds just becos the poor girl was honest enough to say genny once embarrazed her.

i did not intend contributing on the thread until i felt the heat on the lady. i feel it is rather unfair.

what ought to have been done at that point if i were most of you, was to have simply walked past the thread without nailing one for the other and let the two elephants involved to thrash out issues themselves. afterall, when angela posted her story, there was a countering one from genny via olof.

surpricingly thou, you all let ur emotions take control and took sides nailing the other party. well i joined the train at that point as my body just hates injustice or partiality.
i thank you and God bless you. there is hope for us black people. but please, this www. is for Genevieve, even omotola cannot survive here so leave it be.

the wind will soon blow, and we will all see what the hen has been hiding under her feathers. When death knocks on your door, if first allows you to smell a sweet smell.

leave it be my dear.


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Force!!! What the?! Are you invoking incantations?!? :shock
Oyah e don do! All of you.... Paps, Sisi.. E don do....
so you noticed? a little disagreement brings out her true nature. yet this old haggard fool classifies someone as being bitter. daughter of the devil, winch!!!


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so you noticed? a little disagreement brings out her true nature. yet this old haggard fool classifies someone as being bitter. daughter of the devil, winch!!!
A little dis agreement you say? Read your first insult below because I call you little Sisi.

This is your post below:
it's too late for you to learn anything from me grandma. you are close to the grave already and the brain i guess is getting senile.
Now that the gravity of hell is pulling you closer by the tail, you want to cry tears that vapourizes in the vehemences of the furnace that engulfs you.


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What's going on here? me nor understand the way pple dey blast their selves with insults oooo. What if una cum dey face to face? bottle for dey ring for each other head. Pls u guys should slow down on this hating stuff. Genny is out there making cash, some pple are here hating themselves over her issue. I just can't imagine this........
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