Two Hearts aka Troubled Heart

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Starring: Mercy Johnson, Majid Michel, Charity Eke, Esther Audu, James Gardiner

In this thrilling fast paced drama Mercy Johnson plays Violet a high maintenance city girl whose car breaks down on a rural deserted road. She comes face to face with odd vagrant hunter James played by Majid Michel who is armed with a gun and warns her that she is in dangerous territory. Wearing killer heels she begins ends up following James to his home to find specific directions on where to find a mechanic, only to end up stranded and spending the night in a shack with him and his mother. It is here that she learns the background to his very odd and hostile behaviour. Violet herself has her own dark secrets she is harbouring and the two are drawn together in light of this.

I enjoyed this movie and would recommend it. Majid Michel and Mercy Johnson are in my top actors list, so it was wonderful watching them acting alongside each other. The chemistry was right and they played their roles well. The story was one that kept you glued to the screen wanting to know what would happen next, I only watched parts 1 and 2 but from the previews it became apparent that there was a 3and 4 called Troubled Hearts, which I will be looking out for. However the editing is bad and many times the sound would cut out so you would just see people’s mouths moving. Luckily it would just be a few words at a time but it was annoying nonetheless. There was also the problem of scenes being dragged out too long, nevertheless it’s a thumbs up.


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