Type Of Girls That Often Don't Get Married

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By unknown

With each passing day we see the institution of marriage and a promising relationship becoming a distant memory. Females are so caught up in the party lifestyle that they’re forgetting that one day no one is going to actually want them when it matters.

With social networking sites tracking and documenting your every move, these girls are screwed and most likely never getting married.

Coke wh*res

The title alone should be self-explanatory. Yes, you’re beautiful and a size zero but that’s because you only drink Diet Coke, Grey Goose, and snort cocaine. You frequent clubs in the hopes that you’ll find a table of wealthy young business men willing to let you have as much of their drugs as possible, as long as you give them something in return.


This girl may get married, but they’re guaranteed to be cheated on and used as an accessory. Statistically, those who work in industries that are based around self-image are damning insane. These girls are emotionally unstable, almost definitely have an eating disorder of some sort, and are willing to do anything to get jobs or keep their size -0 figure.

EDM Girls

This damning girl. This girl could actually fall under the ‘Coke wh*re’ category because she also wh*res herself out for drugs. She doesn’t actually care about EDM, she just cares about buying neon colored sports bras and Donk shorts, covering her body in glitter, rolling face, and sucking on lollipops… amongst other things.

Video Vixens

If you’ve ever seen Tyga’s music video for the song “Make It Nasty” you know exactly who I’m talking about. This girl is a professional slut. She takes her clothes off on camera to music that talks about how much of a slut she is. We don’t even know what this girl’s face looks like because her ass is always on screen.

The Princess

I know, the theme of this article so far has been “This girl is a damning wh*re.” The princess doesn’t necessarily have to be. This girl just thinks that she walks on water. She’s that girl who walks around with her iPhone in one hand, her Louis Vuitton Never Full in the other, talking about how daddy gives her everything and scoffing when someone asks her if she knows how to cook, or clean or do anything.

Because she doesn’t and that’s the biggest problem. You can’t marry a woman who can’t cook or clean or hold a conversation, because then what point is there?

The Liar

This is the girl who’s most frequently used sentence is “Oh my god this is so not like me, I never do this.” Really bitch? Because we all know you do. You do it all the time and I can see right through your thinly veiled attempt to make me think that you’re actually respectable.



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Y'know what? I just can't deal with this. What is with this judge and jury and executioner toward females? I'm gonna assume there is a male equivalent of this article and it is hidden on a desk littered with fair and non gender biased articles.


..still The Drama Queen!
DUMB article if you ask me!!!!


Even prostitutes have been seen to marry and keep a better home, even better than some 'well-bred' wife materials!

Marriage-potentiality has no manual! There is NO FAST and hard rules!!! Look at me! I got married!!!! With all my phobia dragged from childhood! And even to a naija! Who would have thought! So, I guess if this writer had seen me when I dated only Caucasian men, he would have written me off as 'type of girl that wont get married to Country man?!!'!


NEXT topic!!!!!!!!!!!!
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