Ugandan Actors for Rwanda Film

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Ugandan Actors for Rwanda Film

New Vision (Kampala)
January 2, 2004
Posted to the web January 2, 2004

By Norman Katende

Ugandan actors have had a breakthrough and will take part in an international film.

Titled Sometimes in April, the feature film, which is based on a true story about genocide in Rwanda, will be filmed in the country. It is written by director Raoul Peck, who made the award winning documentary Lumumba, The death of a prophet, in 1962, which won at the Pan African film festival in Los Angeles and Santa Domingo International Film Festival in 2001.

Ten actors, Abbey Mukiibi, Andrew Benon Kibuka, Abu Kawenja, Charles Bwanika, Lyton Namubiru, Kaya Kagimu Mukasa, Peter Odeke, Joseph Walugembe, Michael Wamuyo and Martin Oscar Kintu, were selected to be part of the cast after auditioning in Kampala.

They are already in Rwanda for the filming which, expected to start on Monday. The film will be supported by Cinefacto Rwanda, a Rwandan company and HBO, a US cable television company.


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I hope they all work well together o!Man no wan hear sey katakata burst again because one be hutu and the other be tutsi.:(
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