unfinished business

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amazing...like some1 said, story line is the same old same old but the acting skills displayed made watching it worthwhile. That lady's mom...she's one of a kind.


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not a fantastic story...but I like the introduction of the new flavor of artist . Ngozi and olivia pulled it out well..... the story gets a 5/10
you hit it .. nothing new ....not too great a story
i knew it, fine genny and desmond are a match in GWP they were fantastic but when i saw the title i was a bit skeptical....i finally made my microwave popcorn and watched It...chi ive never felt so restless during a naija movie before...it was like i could help but cook while watching!

....it reminded me of passion and pain kind of but that one Ramsey was in...same ol storyline but the mum in this was good ill be on the lookout for her!

ill give it a 4/10 they could have done better abeg...although they do have chemistry sha..If only nollywood writers could actually go into hibernation and create a fantastic story that will blow our minds...but we are getting there

una funny o...10/10 who dash? :roll im sure say if i make a film title Banana Runs starring desmond, genny and Rmd no plot no storyline una go tok say na 10/10 ill appreciate it tho...who no wan make money! :roll
una funny o...10/10 who dash? :roll im sure say if i make a film title Banana Runs starring desmond, genny and Rmd no plot no storyline una go tok say na 10/10 ill appreciate it tho...who no wan make money! :roll
I'd buy it, knowing Genny (Desmond & RMD) can make a semblance of a plot out of anything.


I am loving Genny daily! Dayyyuuuummmmm! She is good! Cant wait to tell her face-to-face! Talent indeed!

Desmond.....hmmm....almost in all good movies I watch these days! Nice smile, fine guy......but dayuuum!!! he is married, right? Emmmmm.....Its Muna that I have a Mega crush on! Who know muna for here abeg? Tell am say I dey crush on am!! BIG TIME!

Unfinished Business ---- I give 10/10! Given, it seemed like any other old story line, but it was adapted to naija context.... and there was some excitement to see how it plays out! They held their suspense real good!
Like.....was Genny going to continue dating him as a mistress?
Was Desmond going to leave his wife?
bout Desmond's wife, you wanted to hate her, but then, you still got to like her cos she was pushed into the marriage by her father.....then she is pretty and nice and you get confused whether to hate her and support Genny's character......
Should you hate Desmond's Mother, or just liek her, but then, 100,000,000.00 Naira is a lumpy money sha! You want to hate the parents, and you want to understadn with them!
You want to feel sorry for Olive that she lost the child, but then, you get angry that she pulled a gun on Nkem! And why didnt Nkem shoot her? And why did an innocent baby have to die? Maybe its for the best! So that they can all seperate and have no child support/baggage from their pasts!

So, now is the family wealth going to crumble?
Is Nkem going to go back to Donald's mother as her PA seeing she was very good at it?


See? That's how a movie should make you feel! All questions DONT have to be answered just as some idumota people would give parts 3, 4, 5 in trying ti tie up loose ends and end up boring one! yaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwnnnnn!!

I like to pick holes in movies production, this one, I really no see wetin to pick on...... Good job! So, now, let me move on my next movie: 'THE THORN AND THE CROWN' I am loving me some naija movies! And thanks for the reviews here! And I salute the Online movie site where I watch any new movie for FREE!! :D
Do they have alot of copies left? if not maybe i go burn you copy.
I called them and told them to hold a copy for me, but do think I saw more on the shelves.

Angelsty - Are you planning on meeting her? I'm not the groupie type, but I totally agree that I'm loving Genny lately. She's been even better since returning from the ban. After watching her in Warrior's Heart (the type of trado epic movie I normally dislike), I had to bow to her and tell her that she can act an ant if you needed her to. She is so convincing in whatever role she's in even those traditional roles which are full of mistakes and contradictions. BTW, Warrior's Heart also gets high ratings from me, too.

Meanwhile, I still have to watch Unfinished Business....


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I smell trouble at the sound of Muna everyone will tear pant.sweat:

I like him but dude needs to lose some ise-ewu pounds.:)

'THE THORN AND THE CROWN' is the continuation of Trinity 1 & 2. I can't wait to watch it but i'll save it for turkey day has par say me no get where to go chop another man turkey.
Alright, after raving about Unfinished Business before I even watched it AND giving it a 10/10, I have to recant some of my statements after finally watching it (only partially so far).

I have to agree that thus far, the storyline is so typical. Genny acting like Miss Hardwoman, I Don't Care About You, then I Am So In Love is such a classic, typical role for her. We get it, she plays that role very well. She did it ad nauseum with Muna in Blood for Tears, then again with Muna in Warrior's Heart, and now with Desmond in Unfinished Business. I agree that is getting old. We get it, you can play hard woman Genny, enough, try something new.

As for Desmond, it's cute, you're a corper fall in love, etc.... but for Genny's nurse mom to just take you in b/c you had noone to take care of you after your hospital stay is only believable up to a certain point. Also, for her to nearly dash you her daughter seems highly unlikely among typically strict Naija parents. I know they were trying to do new age mama, and I come from a mother who did new age a little bit, but only to a certain point.

So, thus far I'm not believing in the love plot and it does feel like something I've watched before AND that is the reason I was unable to finish watching it in one sitting. I will go back and finish watching, but for now it remains my own unfinished business 6/10 (because of good cast).
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