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Ogi nni? Ashante babe! Abeg go crush on Van Vicker (that dude is finnnneee sha), leave Muna for me abeg!

MUNA eh!!! if you see this post, abeg hit ma digits! Pounds pr no pounds, you are doing something to me heart! U dey! gan!!!

@Chiaka, Genny is just Genny!!! Dat chica better be heading to Hollywood abeg!! She can act berra than some of the people I watch in Hollywood! No kidding!!
I never used to argue in the movie section before because I was not into naija movies. But since I started catching up, I can see why some people here been dey tear pant to defend Genny! She is worth defending abeg!! She plays her roles excellently!! One could truly believe she is indeed a Warrior and a princess in 'Warrior's Heart'. Given sha, she plays the part where power is ascribed to her, I would like to see her play a low role from beginning to end. I know she would pull it off as well.

Monalisa Chinda knocked me off my feet in her role in "Sound of Poverty". Dat babe must have grown up in Port Harcourt, because she dissected Port Harcourt pidgin english with no comma, no fullstop! She was gooood!

Nollywood definitely has good talents!!

And I wonder why people here yab Emeka Ike a lot! I see nothing wrong with his acting! Haba! Make dem take am easy sha!
Why dem dey yab Jim Iyke too? That dude is guuuud! And looks hot and macho on screen! haba! NR full of haters O! I didnt know cos I was not watching the movies! Now I see that 80% of yabis here of actors and actresses are just hator-based! Kapish!
Angelsty - Van Vicker is superfine, but I believe he is very brief. I ain't into dat. As for Muna, there is definitely something about him. He doesn't try too hard, yet he is somehow sexy. I tried to place what it was about him and I figured maybe it was his lips and how he kissed Genny in that one movie where he came back as a ghost. I forget the name. But I remember rewinding that kissing scene a kazillion times b/c it was HOT! I see much more chemistry b/w Genny & Muna then Genny & Desmond. In fact, everytime I see Genny opposite Desmond, I know it will be a tad bit boring b/c he is a bit corny to me. Jim Iyke is cool, but Emeka Ike is highly overrated and egotistical too boot. He is definitely not all that in every sense of the word --- mediocre talent, mediocre looks, just average Joe Schmo.

I think Genny can perform in Hollywood with no problem, but I have yet to figure out which Naija male is Hollywood material.


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A very emotional movie. Great acting. Genny and Desmond were excellent. I enjoyed the conversation between Genny and her girlfriend. 9/10


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this is a good movie but some of these stories are too watch down. The recyling is just too much and i strongly feel nollywood isnt doing too well.
All right, in catching up with my naija movies, I saw this one too. There are many pros and cons to this movie:

The biggest pro is Dessy and Genny. I tell you, the chemistry was mm mm mmmm! Made me wanna go love o. Chei. Veeery nice. The casting, at least for lead roles was excellent. Desmond's wife in the movie also played her role perfectly. The whole thing looked realistic to me, even the shouting. Its a rich boy, poor girl love story, nothing new, but Genny! Oh wow. Boy can she pull off a love story. Veeery nice!!

However, there were a few non acting gaping flaws. As in gaping! For instance, Genny was a village girl? With all those sophisticated clothes and bags? They should have spruced her up gradually. There was no gradient in her sophistication, no villageness in her so to speak.

Hospital scenes - horrible as usual. How come there is never any doctor there when people are about to die in Nollywood?

The part about Dessy being in an accident and having no where to go just did not gell. They did not have to put him in the house for the love affair to start. And the way the mother was pimping Genny, did not really work for me either.

A few conceptual misses here and there! But Genny and Dessy carried this one o chei. They made a hot passionate story out of a mediocre story line. You could not help but to root for their love to come through.

My rating : 6/10
Story : 2/10
Acting (esp Dessy and Genny): 8/10

Recommended. Way better than many of the new movies out there. Now that Genny is getting her act together, lets hope RMD and Omot will too. That caught in the middle fiasco is still paining me!!
I have seen this movie over 5x. I love it. I feel like being inlove each time i watch it. Desmond should get a best actor award for this.



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While serving as a youth corper in a small town in the east Donald Eze(Desmond Elliott), a young handsome man meets and falls in love with Nkem(Genny) a small town beauty. Their love blossoms and they promised to get married as soon as Donald gets settled. Donald leaves for Lagos with a promise to come back for Nkem asap but in a twist of faith some things happen.... A must watch

A Rob Emeka and Emem Isong Production
Directed By Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen
Casts include: Desmond Elliot, Genevieve Nnaji, Patience Ozokwor, Carol Cee

I did enjoy this. Desmond and Genny did a great job. My kind kind of movie. So I will rate it 8.9/10

I would give it 8/10, a really enjoyable film. the chemistry between Dessy and Genny was great. My only problem with the film was that Dessy's character wasnt developed enough, his character was somewhat one dimensional and unbelievable.


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NOT BAD at all!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really have enjoyed watching this one! 2 Thumbs wayyy up for Desmond, Genny and Omoni Nnamdi-Osoli (Desmond's wife).....Nice one!

I give it a 7.5/10...


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You couldn't have said it any better. She can scream, but she's good. The cast was exceptional. Like you said the story is nothing new but the story was told in a more matured way then any others and the cast did a good job in putting life into it.grinning:
Her name is Omoni Oboli, a fast rising star that has several films to her credit; 'Fatal imagination, 'Sweet Tommorrow' where she acted as the crippled sister of Ramsey Nouah, the soon to be released 'Guilty Pleasures' and 'Entanglement' and 'Bursting Out!' She gets better with each new film. watch out for her.corkysm60:


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Mamazita! Thanks for the heads-up!!! :fing02:
Her name is Omoni Oboli, a fast rising star that has several films to her credit; 'Fatal imagination, 'Sweet Tommorrow' where she acted as the crippled sister of Ramsey Nouah, the soon to be released 'Guilty Pleasures' and 'Entanglement' and 'Bursting Out!' She gets better with each new film. watch out for her.corkysm60:
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