Veterans for movie Hall of Fame

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IN its resolve aimed at promoting appreciation names of notable film practitioners have been unveiled as inductees in the second edition of the Movie Maker Hall of Fame.

Over 27 veterans in the movie industry have been inducted in four different categories including actors, producers and directors, cinematographers, post humous, and fellow. Some of the inductees include Franca Brown, Oga Bello, Chika Okpala, Zak Amata, David Orere, Bank Olemoh, Femi Robinson, and Toun Oni. Others are Olu Jacobs, Iya Mero, Joe Ozuwo, Victoria Ezekoli, Vincent Maduka, Shingle Wigwe, Tony Momoh, Baba Sala, Baba Babs, and Emma Oga, including wave-making comedian Nkem Owoh, Sam Loco, Tunde Kelani, Femi Aloba, Pat Afun, Jimi Odumosu among others.

Chairman of the Moviemakers' Hall of Fame, Chief Eddie Ugbomah OON, emphasised that the second edition of the induction gala night is to appreciate Nigerian icons in the movie industry that have created and left a landmark in one way or the other. "The hall of fame is for those who have served diligently, and contributed immensely to the movie industry on reels, tape or cassettes as long as it is moving.

Ugbomah said that since the inception of the Moviemakers' Hall of Fame eight years ago, "so many of our veterans have passed on without being recognised or celebrated, most of our veterans like Sunny Okosun, Sammy Needle, and Oliva De Coque, have passed on, they were great people to reckon with, but they were not celebrated nor recognised, so with this Hall of Fame induction, many of our veterans will be dully celebrated and recognised based on the land mark they have created".

The modalities for selecting the inductees is based on the activeness of the inductee twenty five years ago, and a special recognition will be given to some group of people in the government that contributed in one way or the other to the growth of the industry during their time in the government, people like Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, and Olusegun Obasanjo.

The event, slated for December 9 in Abuja, has the nod of the Honourable minister of information, John Odey, the Censors Board, and the Nigeria Film Corporation, with Chief Raymond Dokpesi and Rasheed Gbadamosi as the patrons and it is being supported by Virgin Nigeria. Some of the activities lined up for the event is the Gala night, a night to recognise the inductees, and an official visit to the Federal Capital Territory minister to request for the Hall of Fame secretariat, and a land to build a movie plaza.

"The twenty seven inductees will be visiting the FCT minister officially to request for our secretariat and land to build a movie plaza, a plaza that will have a library and archives, which will be strictly on information on movies, and will serve as a legacy we are leaving for our children to make use of in the future", he noted.

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wednesday, december 10, 2008

veterans for movie hall of fame
and a special recognition will be given to some group of people in the government that contributed in one way or the other to the growth of the industry during their time in the government, people like gen. Ibrahim babangida, and olusegun obasanjo.

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they just have to add politics to this abi? I guess to get more money for their organization!!!!

Why do event planners always have to add some politicians ton everything they do and yet cry foul later when the highest donor tells them what to do with their awards?

Next thing now, we shall be hearing of how some women slept with so so and so person to get their names on the Hall Of fame list etc!!! ONLY in NIGERIA!!

How in the blazing hell is Babangida and Obasanjo epitome of anything good in our country!!!??

What are we celebrating them for? For ruining us or for embezzling us to smithereens?!

Babangida that called himself "evil genius" and walked hand-in-hand with Abacha?!(the worst tyrant after Idi Amin?)

Or Obasanjo that was 'corruption' spelt forward and backward, even with his own daughter?!!!

How??? Please!! Somebody tell me!!! Isn't hall of fames for famous people that contributed to the society or particular industry?

How the heck are we lining up the likes of FELA, Sunny Okosun, Baba Sala, Victor Uwaifo etc with Babangida?!

Please, they should then add Gen Sani Abacha , Anini the armed robber, Gov Ibori, the killer of Dele Giwa, etc etc.....they all made history too, abi?
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