We Lost Olaafol...


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Sadly, I have to inform those of us still around here that we lost one of our long time members, Olaafol. Her youngest daughter confirmed the sad news via FB today. Brief illness.

Olaafol joined NR in 2004, in the heady early days. She was always a mature voice around here, especially behind the scenes calming nerves via PM or personal phone calls. She supported me by buying my book and any item I put on NR for sale. She also posted a huge amount of movie sleeves in the reviews section when that was still active.

She was a good one. She was.


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i know i just saw it on facebook. i am shocked anti lola is the best always checking in on the twins and i. May she rest in peace o. sun re o


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Yeah. She always made those long distance calls to talk to me whenever something is going crazy. And she was so patient and tolerant... I can't even begin to count the number of gifts she sent out to members here...


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I am probably the saddest and most shocked here. I am deeply hurt by the sad news. Aunty Olaafol, as most of us fondly called her, was one of the best people I met on NR and indeed, one of the nicest and most humble human beings I have ever known. She loved God and people, and you would think she was in fact, Uncle Sola's wife, the way she was so passionate about not just NR, but the members, especially the younger ones.

She loved. She cared. She gave. I visited her at her home a long while ago and we had such a good time just talking and laughing. Every time she bought a movie, she bought extras as gifts. I cannot even remember how many times my mails came in and they were from her. She would call to check up on me from time to to time in my uni days just to cheer me up and encourage me. She nicknamed and fondly called me 'OLUWAPECULIARMI''. That definitely endeared me more to her more. She was a mother, a sister and a friend.

We haven't kept close communication for some time due to my relocation and spending little or no time on facebook, but she never stopped liking my comments or any random post I put up on FB even if its once a year.

I think she was getting ready for her 50th birthday according to some of the comments on her facebook page. We cannot question God, I guess, so perhaps we should just take solace in the fact that she blessed and inspired many and will always remembered for her good heart.

May God rest your soul, aunty Olaafol and may He comfort and raise help for your girls. May your family and close friends be comforted and may God grant all of us the fortitude, strength and courage to bear your departure. I am sorry for not keeping in touch after all this while but I look forward to seeing you at the feet of Jesus. You were a good woman, an angel to many. I am sure God And His angels are pleased to receive you. You're free now, I guess. No more sickness and pain! Rest well AUNTY OLAAFOLMI. You will be missed very sorely!

With a very heavy heart,
Your OluwaPeculiar


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Yeah, she was a good one...Just thinking of her emails again...the phone calls... She was so accepting.


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Just saw a few messages she and I exchange on FB some years back, and its so so so painful....May we all be remembered for good....take comfort all...


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Aunty Olaafol was indeed very kindhearted and very humble. She reached out to me on several occasions - marriage, children via NR and then Facebook, sending movies and greeting cards...My heart goes out to her beautiful girls. She seemed to be so close to them. She was always there, liking my post and photos on facebook and asking about my well being. May her soul rest in peace. There are not many like this beautiful woman.

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Wow. Someone, please, tell me that this is not true!!!

Oh my goodness, Aunty Olaafol is one of the nicest person I know. I still have heaps of the naija movies she graciously mailed to me from UK. And she sent those movies to me over and over again. Of truth, the good ones don't live long. I will definitely keep her family in my prayers.

And may her peaceful soul find rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ, amen!!


I can't even begin to say how I felt when abike sent me a message asking what was going.
my heart literally skipped a few beats.
there are few people I'd call goodness personified, she was definitely one of them.
Rest in peace.


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It really is incredible that so many people have good feelings for someone they've never met. Its amazing the things we can do if we really commit to things...


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Oh my God!!!. I just saw the post. My heart just broke. May her soul rest in peace.
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Can any Nr members in London see if they're able to attend the funeral?
Her daughter posted it on Facebook:

Songs of Praise Service
Monday 20th of April 2015
Sommerford & Shacklewell community centre
41 Shacklewell Road
Stoke Newington
Hackney, London
N16 7TW

Tuesday, 21st of April 2015
St. Pancras cemetery
278 high road
East Finchley
London N2 9AG