We Lost Olaafol...


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Uncle Sola - would it be possible to send something to the family from NR?
Not sure what we can send. I think that sort of thing should be taken offline. I don't want to put people on the spot. Let's yap offline.

She's being laid to rest today, according to that item Blackpearl posted... Life can be so messed up sometimes...


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I don't want to post pictures, I have been trying very hard not to check but seeing her being laid to rest just made me tear up all over again.
I think Simisola did attend the funeral, I am yet to check in with her. Auntie Ola I know you're resting now! Rest in Peace!


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Going through her Facebook wall and so many comments on how she touched lives and was always supportive and checking on folks. She sure did leave her imprints and lived. Even in death, her character is admirable.


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Wow! I didn't communicate with her, but I remember her as one of the old members here that did not fight or have drama on NR.
May her soul rest in peace!
Life is really so short indeed!


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Just passing by NR and saw this thread. I remember (Lola) Olaafol. May her soul rest in peace. May God strengthen and watch over those she left behind.