What Do You Think Of This Scenario?


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Got this from somewhere else and found it interesting.

Boy meets girl, he really likes her and they start talking and getting to know each other, things are looking good, After about 3 weeks/a month of talking, They realize they have a friend in common, The friend happens to be the guy's cousin(distant) and the girl's ex boyfriend, They actually had an intimate relationship at some point. This was few years ago. Now the question is Should the guy proceed in asking the girl out or should he just back off and move on? What do you think?


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They should continue only if they are sure they REALLY want to be together, forever. If they are not sure, bobo should keep his "asking out" because the upcoming battle is going to be massive.


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It depends on the type of family he comes from. The newer generation might not care too much but the older would and that's a big deal in Nigerian culture


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If the guy is bold enough and knows what he wants and who he wants...he should ask her. Why should there be a battle, no one owns anyone. The girl is not the property of anyone


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Distant cousin? The guy should go ahead with the lady. If they can afford they should live in a different environment if and when they do get married.


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They have to deal with their family. It is really not about the other family member she might have been with. It is the whole family. With Nigerian families expect anything