What do you wonder about the person above you?

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destinyqueen said:
i wonder why people always refer me to genevieve to the extent that some of them want me to sign my signature on their chest, faces, hands and other part of the body. i know me and gene are 4rom dsame place but dat doesnt mean i am gene. naija rules i wonder what to do to stop people embarassing me on the road. i wonder if people no dey resemble person again.
i wonder...... hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Kene said:
i wonder if you live stay in malawi and stay in UK also,,, i wonder if she sends messages through you.... :eyes
Well my dear I have got afriend here who happened to be a very good friend to Simisola some time back.He told me about this lady. :)


Prince of Peace
callonkech said:
i wonder why ur signature is "thread attack"

i wonder if my signature attacked your thread! i wonder if you don't have any contribution to this thread...better pack ya things :teu26:
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